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Businesses on guard 

With businesses increasingly connected online, do you understand your cyber-security risks?  

Cyber-security is a growing concern for business owners in the Food and Beverage industry. It’s not a case of if you face a cyber threat in the future, but when. 

Whilst every business will have different exposure points, a cyber threat shouldn’t be taken lightly due to the potential for it to have a devastating impact on your business, your customers and your brand reputation. It’s certainly an evolving risk, with criminals becoming more sophisticated at finding ways to penetrate through your protective systems and processes. 

If you received a scam message for your personal information, would you be able to identify it?
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Can you identify any irregularities within the email?

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Whilst the risk cannot be entirely mitigated, there are ways you can prevent and protect your business from cyber-crime: 

  1. Increase the security awareness and training within your entire team. Teaching your team to recognise the signs of a phishing e-mail for example, can prevent your entire production system to be shut down. 
  1. Make it harder to access your online data and systems with multi-factor authentication.  
  1. Depending on the size and nature of your business, deploy penetration testing or ethical hacking – ensure you know (and act upon) your weaknesses, before the criminals exploit them. 
  1. Insurance. Seek expert help to ensure you’re adequately insured, so that you’re covered if something goes wrong. With such a rapidly evolving industry, the small print can be confusing and leave you unsure as to if your major risk areas are covered.  

If you’d like to assess your risk of cyber-threats or understand how to uniquely protect your business, please reach out to Peter McGee or call  0410 017 824.

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