Our approach

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives

At the core of our process is obtaining an understanding of your Strategic Objectives. This is essential in delivering an outcome that will add value to your business.

Our tailored risk assessment process is based on four key risk categories: Food Safety, Commercial, Operational and Financial.

Our Food and Beverage Risk Library is built around these four core risk areas and contains 75 risks against which we assess all organisations. We begin with a comprehensive Risk Profiling process, after which we agree upon a set of control gaps or opportunities for improvement. These form the basis for the Risk Management Plan.

With a thorough understanding of your risk profile and strategic objectives Victual is well placed to determine your insurance needs. Crucially, the Insurance Placement becomes a component of your risk management plan, not the plan itself. Finally, the process requires regular Review to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Risk Benchmarking

We have streamlined our assessment process to allow us to measure performance in risk management. This Risk Benchmarking process will allow you to measure performance and set clear improvement goals for continual improvement in risk.