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Victual Recall


Product Recall is one of the most prevalent risk management issues in the food and beverage industry. How certain are you that your company can respond in a timely and incident appropriate manner that protects consumer health and safety, builds your company’s brand reputation, minimises costs and maintains cash flow?

Victual are food and beverage risk management and insurance specialists providing solutions that empower and enable businesses to step out and embrace growth and innovation. We have the in-depth and specialised industry knowledge to turn risks into an opportunity to create value for your business.

What would it be worth to your business if you had:

A team that feels confident, in control and fully equipped to produce a positive outcome for every type of recall incident.

A support team of subject matter experts to minimise the impact on your business and ensure an incident appropriate, agile and timely response.

Affordable insurance that provides full protection in the event of a crisis.

Victual Recall

Victual Recall is a recall partnership program that improves operational performance, builds employee confidence and empowers companies to protect, build and grow their brand.

The key to agility, speed and containment in even the most complex recall situation is a holistic, ‘always-on’ approach.

We Plan

We take a proactive approach to risk management. Review and improvement of recall and crisis management plans, and best practice education.

We Maintain

We manage and conduct annual mock recalls, annual plan reviews, and provide an ongoing advice line and continuous training.

We Respond

In case of a recall incident a hotline and triage process comprising a panel of subject matter experts will ensure an incident appropriate and timely response.

We Insure

Insurance that protects from the financial burden of a recall event. You can be assured that we will have you covered no more or less than you need to be.

A recall management partnership that combines expertise with experience.

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