Risk Maturity Survey

How does your organisation’s risk maturity stack up against your counterparts in the Food and Beverage industry?

Risk maturity is a concept that was first raised by David Hillson in the late 1990s. In simple terms, risk maturity is a measure of an organisation’s level of sophistication in managing risk.

At the naïve end of the spectrum, organisations see risk management as a chore and simply ‘hope for the best’. At the mature end of the spectrum, organisations have well developed systems, processes and internal culture regarding risk within the business. The utopia of risk maturity is a point at which risk management is used to create and sustain value for the organisation.

Victual have applied the Risk Maturity Survey with hundreds of individuals in the Food and Beverage industry, which provides us with the ability to compare your responses with your industry counterparts.

Complete a series of questions below and we will analyse your responses and craft you a personalised Risk Maturity Report.