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Finding and retaining talent has become a casualty of the post pandemic era. Employees are the lifeblood of any business, but how hard are you finding it right now to attract new workers? To keep the hardworking workers, you already have? Is your business at risk of not being able to continue operations at the same scale and pace due to lack of staff? 

Workforce challenges are being felt by most of the Food and Beverage Industry. A perfect storm of conditions including inflation, the pandemic and wage increases are leaving business at risk. Taking steps to protect your business, is critical to business continuity. 

  1. Elevate your ‘people plan’ from important, to business critical. Ensure you’re hiring the right people and understand where gaps in your talent base are. 
  1. Consider how and if you can automate elements of your production to increase scale and growth opportunities. 
  1. Focus on retention by creating a workplace environment which staff enjoy working in. The food and beverage industry has done an exceptional job over the past 6 months in operating with reduced workforces and workers are fatigued and in high demand. It’s far easier to keep good workers, than to recruit new! 

Would you like to understand more about how to manage your workforce challenges and the risk this may present to your business? Would you like to know how to activate your people plan to ensure business continuity? If you’d like to talk to one of our team, please contact Amy.