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COVID Safe Plans… no longer a good idea, now a requirement


Scott Morrison recently announced the 3 step plan for relaxing isolation measures and re-opening the economy.  In most states, the first steps in enacting this plan have now been taken. Restricted opening of venues and staged return to schools has allowed many businesses to start thinking about the future.

What is also clear in the COVIDSafe Australia Framework is the criticality of a “COVIDSafe Plan”.  It’s so explicit that it is the top right of the poster used by Mr. Morrison in his speech, as per the image below.



In enacting this framework, the states have specified the need for a plan to different extents. WA there is a very specific requirement for the need to produce a COVIDSafe Plan on request, Queensland and Tasmania have published COVIDSafe templates. Safework Australia has published a broad range of guidance material.

As we take the tentative steps to re-open businesses, we don’t need a false start if a health inspector was to request evidence of COVID Safety causing a frantic rush to produce something. A COVID safe plan should be tailored to your business and can be as simple as a risk assessment or a set of checklists.


We strongly encourage you to take some time to document your COVIDSafe Plan. Victual is supporting many clients to do that right now to ensure a safe working environment for their employees and compliance with government requirements.

So feel free to contact us here for a no-obligation review of your COVID-19 preparedness.