Managing the Risk of Hot Work

Fire incidents have been caused by contractors working under Hot Work activities. Over a ten year period (2003-2012) there has been 282 losses of lives with a property loss and operational interruption of $946.8 million ($3.4 million per fire). [1] Fires are caused by personnel not being trained, personnel not following procedures and out of date procedures.

Victual’s solution  

Victual has worked with Registered Training Organisation Sitetrain, to build a course specifically for Hot Work in the food industry. Created to upskill people in hazard analysis and permits, this training course is:   

  • Designed to be delivered on your site, or alternatively at training facilities in your nearest capital city.    
  • Timing of the course is 6-8 hours depending on the number of trainees.    
  • Designed to provide you with an understanding of the risks involved with Hot Work activities and the processes required to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace.  Learn how to conduct hazard analysis, about the work permit system, about safely preparing the worksite, how to issue and close work permits, how to fire watch and learn from real life scenarios designed to make your workers more acutely aware of the risks. 



Does your business have the right protection and prevention procedures in place to ensure that your site or business does not loss their company?

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Download our 5 minutes Reference Guide to HotWork and understand the proper prevention needs, our template of a HotWork Permit is also included.



[1] FM Global – Don’t Get Burned by Hot Work

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