Unlocking Profits through Rethinking Risk and Insurance.

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Risk is universally considered to be a negative business phenomenon to be avoided or mitigated.  Conversely, opportunity is almost exclusively seen as something separate rather than the flip side of the same coin.

As a result business leaders are often either blinded by the opportunity and ignore the attendant risks or they are blinded by the risks and employ one of three common “risk management strategies”. They either:

  • Do nothing and hope “it” never happens to them.
  • Seek some form of protection, usually in the form of insurance.
  • Commission a risk assessment from a high end consultancy.

However, none of these risk management strategies is actually a genuine risk management strategy!  Doing nothing is a disaster waiting to happen, most insurance is purchased as a blanket off-the-shelf solution without adequate or holistic risk assessment and most of the weighty consultant reports may identify the myriad of risks a business faces but they will do nothing to help that business mitigate or eliminate those risks. This book explains what risk management really is and how you can unlock profits through rethinking risk and insurance in your food and beverage business.

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